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Welcome To Reefer

Perfectly imperfect products for a life less mundane.

Reefer came about in 2008 with recycled sailcloth, 7 years later we also work with canvas and refresh other vintage products with a nautical connection. Repurposed textile products are always unique, bearing the scars and evidence of a previous life. Uniquely you can trace the known provenance of most repurposed products here on our website.

Occasionally on our travels we'll come across interesting products complimentary to our own and we offer those too, sometimes old, sometimes new.

By their nature many of our items are limited in quantity, when they are sold we can't guarantee further stock.

We strive for perfection but sometimes perfect is dull. We hope you enjoy our website.

Our product branding incorporates the Made in Britain Marque, only awarded to companies who can verify they actually manufacture in Great Britain.

When we created our business back in 2008 we were determined to not only repurpose retired and discarded material but to be thoughtful about our choice of suppliers for all aspects of our business. Where possible we make use of UK based suppliers and manufacturers who like us both design and make in the UK. That's why we proudly support the official Made in Britain Campaign - and why they were very pleased to have us on board.