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Since 2008 Reefer has been 'upcycling' retired sails into a diverse range of original, practical and stylish products for a sustainable modern lifestyle.

All our products are made from rescued boat & windsurf sails, kites, paragliders, hang gliders and microlights as well as sailmaker's roll ends and offcuts. Recycling both sails and wings is a totally unique concept, these diverse sources allow us to offer our products in a number of finishes to appeal to all generations of customers. As many of our customers will testify, you don't need to sail or fly to enjoy a Reefer product!

Unlike many companies waving the 'Great Britain' flag we both design and manufacture in England. We pride ourselves in ethical, sustainable manufacturing and refuse to follow the usual model of employing cheap far eastern contract production with questionable labour conditions and an associated large carbon footprint. We're passionate about supporting fellow British manufacturers and where possible source sub-components locally, such as all our timber components.

Whilst we could blandly label our products as 'recycled' we believe that the story behind our products is an interesting feature that sets us apart from our global competitors and is totally unique in our industry. Our branding often alludes to the provenance of the sail used to make the item and details of the actual sail used can be explored via the 'Trace a sail' page of this website using the code number we've stamped on it. Alternatively some products feature QR code access to our sail trace page from a smart phone, another World first in sail recycling.

We hope you'll choose to enjoy an original, sustainable lifestyle with Reefer.

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